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Bill Belichick the G.O.A.T.

So what if Bill Belichick was accused of hiring someone to illegally videotape defensive calling signals from a Jets practice in 2007, he eventually paid the price ($500,000). The Patriots also had to cough up an additional $250,000 and forfeit their first round pick in the 2008 draft. This of course, was an excuse for any non-Patriots fan to hate on Belichick and his 3 Super Bowl rings (not including Super Bowls XXI & XXV as a defensive coordinator). What is strange to me is the fact that his contract… Read more Bill Belichick the G.O.A.T.

Lockout All But Over!

That’s right folks, the terror which threatened our country, and the world, for months has finally passed.  Today, the NFLPA will be voting on what can only be called the document that will save our sanity this fall, the newest Collective Bargaining Agreement, and all signs point to a positive outcome.  Word is that this CBA will last for at least ten years, so the earliest we will get another scare like this year will be 2021, which is a relief (although it still makes me slightly nervous that the possibility is even… Read more Lockout All But Over!

Pre-Snap Read

Welcome to Pre-Snap Read. This website is based off of the radio show Pre-Snap Read with Alan Squatrito and Greg Mariconda. This website features our weekly podcasts, the latest NFL news, NFL insight, fantasy football insight, and much more. This website is currently under construction but there is more to come very soon…………….