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NFL HIT LIST (FFB) Peyton Hillis (doubtful) Felix Jones (out) Jahvid Best (doubtful) Andre Johnson (Out Extension!) Jason Campbell (I.R.) Sam Bradford (Q) Reggie Bush (P) Sean Payton (P) Week 6 News Headlines: The Madden Curse lives on in 2011, Felix the Cat is Soft Like a Kitten, Kubiak Downplays Andre Johnson’s Injury, and Coach Sean Payton’s Week 7 Status is Probable Despite Torn Meniscus and Broken Tibia! WoW, you got to love that. Sean Payton gets clobbered in week 6 against the Bucs and has to sit on the… Read more NFL HIT LIST & WAIVER WIRE ADDS: WEEK 7

Joke of the Week

You didn’t laugh at this picture did you? Because it’s actually not the joke of the week, shame on you!!! We don’t condone that kind of cruelty here at Pre-Snap Read.  Anyway, One-Eyed James is recovering from a right orbital eye socket injury and is expected to miss plenty of games for the Pittsburgh Steelers this season, but how useful will he be when he gets back? Before injuring his right eye, he had a serious back injury that required surgery (which he went through this summer). After back surgery,… Read more Joke of the Week

Week 6: Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

 Go with YouR GUT!!!!   Start Peyton Hillis – A.k.a. the Great White Water Buffalo, that’s all you need to know heading into week 6. James Starks – Besides the fact that he is a better running back than Ryan Grant, the Packers SHOULD have the opportunity to close the game out in the third and fourth quarter at home by feeding James Starks the football.  The Rams are ranked 29th against the run! Mark Ingram –   We all know that Mark Ingram hasn’t been lighting things up in New… Read more Week 6: Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em


NFL HITLIST (FFB) LeGarrette Blount   Out Julio Jones            Doubtful Joseph Addai        Questionable Mario Williams tore his pectoral muscle in week 5’s loss to the Oakland Raiders and will be out for the remainder of the season on I.R. That is a huge blow for the Texans and no one on their defense will fill his shoes, but luckily for them, they may go to the playoffs for the first time ever in 2011, just without their first overall pick in 2006.… Read more NFL HIT LIST & WAIVER WIRE ADDS: WEEK 6

Week 5: Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em

Go With Your Gut! Start ‘Em Jermaine Gresham – The Bengals have been shocking the world lately with their 2-2 record and Marvin Lewis may be fortunate enough to keep his job as a head coach next season if they keep on winning. Winning? I don’t see the Bengals winning at Jacksonville this week but I do see Jermaine being the main contributor on offense for their team. Jermaine has been showing consistency and reliability, oh yeah, the Jags are the second worst team in the NFL when it comes… Read more Week 5: Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em

Week 5: Joke of the Week

Brett Favre Say’s Aaron Rodgers Should have won a Super Bowl “Sooner.” Hey Favre, remember this play, the one that may have gotten you cut from the Packers? That was fun, it was also very confusing. In this week’s joke of the week Favre zips up his pants but refuses to zip up his lips!!!!  Just when you thought you could hurdle over Favre’s latest dick pic scandal and salvage the memories you had of him growing up as a kid, Favre ruins his image a furthermore by opening up his… Read more Week 5: Joke of the Week


NFL HIT LIST (FFB) Andre Johnson            OUT Rashard Mendenhall Questionable Chad Henne                OUT/I.R? Chad Henne may be out for the season but that doesn’t mean he should be on top of the Hit List this week as he is the least valuable player amongst the athletes injured in week 4. Andre Johnson had platelet-rich plasma therapy to speed up his recovery and he should be back in 3 weeks. Good News: I didn’t draft him in any of my fantasy leagues this year (6). Bad News: You can’t pick up… Read more NFL HITLIST & WAIVER WIRE ADDS: WEEK 5

Ronnie Brown Gets Paid to Blow Game

OH MY GOD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!! This may be the worst play of the year by FAR! Sorry Philly fans, actually no I’m not, toughbreak! Even if this play was a designed play (which seems like a terrible excuse), you don’t throw the ball like that on the goal line. You settle for 3 points on the next play. I just don’t get it, either did Mike Vick: watch him as he shakes his head during the middle of the play and walks away (:35 – :37). HAHA, that’s… Read more Ronnie Brown Gets Paid to Blow Game