* Dedicated to the bastards that murdered my cousin, Kevin Davis. R.I.P.

Come dig him up
I’ve got no patience now
Come, dig him up
Rest side by side with him
Come dig him up
It will quench your thirst
You two just might have to kill him
Once again
The grave laughs
It welcomes them
They can’t breathe but I brought them a book of matches
This is my revenge
Saw the green like they’ve never before now my cousin
Is gone
Long gone forever
Take a look at his neck
Can you stitch it together?
Look what you’ve done
Where was the motive
When you are gone
Will you be remembered forever?
Just to be a Latin King
So they will chant f****** Melendez?


* Dedicated to all the hopeless romantics out there who lost their identity through “love” for another. Inspired by the movie Misery, starring Kathy Bates.

Oh, here comes that blade again
I know we haven’t been……….talking
But did you have to chop off my arms?

I was never trying to hold you down

I wait here for you with this pen in my mouth
To find out what it’s like to
Finally become
Something else

Oh, wow what a surprise
I can still see
She’s given me headaches
But none like this before
No, no
I’ve got chapped lips and appendages on the floor
I hope when she comes back
She can finish up the job

You use to love that I loved you
But now
I’m still in love with you

This rollercoaster ride has been plummeting
As of late
But you were worth the wait in line
You were always worth the wait in line

Now, I’m all over the place
That’s alright, yeah
To be killed by you is not that bad
Just because
You’ll be by my side
In the end

Right by my side
In the end
To become some, something else


* Dedicated to my guess on the mix bag of emotions troops have to face in the midst of war; trying to make the best out of their situation(s).

Remold me when they’re done with you
Bestow me in this new costume

I’ll send you a postcard
If I come back is when you’ll find me
If I don’t come back please don’t come find me

If I get caught off guard
I know the troops are right behind me

Go, go, go!

Relieve me when I’m in broken parts
Relieve me
Then tell me when to start

I give everything to them that’s all I’m worth

I’m sorry ma
I let down my guard
Now I must diehard

Stuck in our foes backyard
I might come back but don’t rely on me
No time to think
Did they push too hard?
Where did I sign, please don’t remind me

I’ve noticed that this joystick is different from my one back home
Our lonely thoughts
May get the best of us
But together, we’ll build a brand new home
I promise I will not forget you
Try to make it through whenever we’re in harm’s way

I promise I will always love you
Since I have gone away

* Dedicated to having fun in this beautiful recession we are in. Ingredients: Just add sarcasm. Lyrics by Nicholas Angelo and myself.

I said I’ve got no girl, I’ve got no job, yeah a car ain’t much for me.

I’ve got an ace in the hole
It’s either bluff or it’s fold
And you want to find out if he’s got any doubt
Because you are unable to leave your cards on the table
So you go for it all

I see the chips where they fall
I said now I’m digging a hole
It’s getting out of control
I’ve been down so long I can never get out I can never have doubt indeed

A dead end road for me is at the river
Then why am I smiling?
It’s just an opinion

I need a job
I’ve got no girl
I’ve got a car but it ain’t enough

I want to do bad things with you
I’ve got car trouble

* Dedicated to the tough loving relationship my older brother and I share.

I love this UFC fighter
Some say he’s the man
I admire the alpha male
And understand when he puts me down

When he puts me down
I will still look up to him
I’ll always look up to him
How else was I supposed to look up to him

Place your bets on this man
I’m about ready to throw the fight
You are my blood
But I can shed yours too
We are wasting all our time
In this ring (misery)

Right out of the gate
Fresh out of his gore
I never added tallies up til now
I must say I have the better song to strut

Your last line of defense is your friendship
I can’t forget to mention but if you insist
It always comes down to this
It always comes down to fists

Capture you my dear
I still love you
Despite how boring it is
I still love you
So don’t deny my love for you
I got your back against the wall
It’s getting tight to breathe
I can’t go through this
You are my hero and my friend
Until the end

My hero always wins
It’s my fight to lose


*Dedicated to the commitment of breaking bad habits.

A picture of you sets forth the day with motivation in my will
As you were
You can just keep on smiling

What a mess
I fold this paper up
With these words that don’t forget to mention
Our egos being a part of it all

So yesterday is here once again
My pockets left and right are full of change
This type of change won’t change your ways
Anyways, all the way

You’ve broken all of my records
Even though none of them sounded alike

This couldn’t have been
You wanted to leave off on this note?
Imagine if I called you
How long would it take you to hang up?

I on the other hand, couldn’t think of an excuse

So yesterday is here once again
My pockets left and right are full of change
This type of change won’t change your ways
Anyways, all the way

* Dedicated to whatever you want it to be dedicated to, oh cit.

I walked sideways
Right into a median
I will make the claim that someone will call for some help
Will someone call for some help?

I walk right into a median
Slam, scared, slip and slide
Right through obedience
My own care
I lie down in submission

It’s my plan for me, to be, just be
And I want to change and stay the same at the same time
Don’t we all

I admit it

Acknowledge your distractions
Now focus your mind
It allows you to grow
When your body refuses

Are your looks more important than your vision is
It’s not how they look at you
It’s how you present yourself

And I lost myself last night
In my room at home

You’ve got a way with words

* Dedicated to all the volunteering victims out there and being infatuated with a “beautiful baby.” – SWINGERS reference

Distracted by her skin and beauty
It wasn’t necessarily a flaw
She built a snowman out of sand
And plays (ed) me….
Hot and cold

I didn’t catch her name but what I caught was
Her breeze as she walked on by
I refused to hold my breath just like the others
As they picked up their jaws up from the floor

And I know that I’m alone and I guess what you’re thinking
And I don’t know how to say it so I will just sing it
Can I take you to the dance?

There’s no chance
Can I take you, you to France can I take you to

A shy mouthful of words
I should have took my chances
I’m a hopeless romantic

When the moon turns blue
I forget what to do
And treat those few like gold

I’m fighting in this war
Will I ever come back home

Two different stories
From two different sides
I’ve got less pride
So favor me honest

* Dedicated to searching for the truth despite being intentionally misguided by design.

You see the color the red the same
But how do you view responsibility?

Now, I wish I could hold my ear drums
Like I can hold my breath
When you’re talking to me

You up chuck your tar pitch mind (noxious mind)
But instead, I’ll influence you with mine

This goes out to all the memories
That I thought we’d share but it cost us wasting time
Friendly fire
You’re in denial
I was in it for the fun

I love you the same from the day you were born
Even if I never even knew you back then

Wow, eight dozen may can he cents
Wrapped in selfish love
It’s just you there

Now, eight dozen may can he cents
Wrapped in selfish love is
Resisting true love from finding you

Whatever helps you sleep at night
I can’t help you there

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