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Alan Squats is an Italian sausage from New Jersey who likes to do squats @ the gym; plus, if he ever gets married and have kids, maybe they’ll call him “Papa Squats?”  He’s been performing original rock and heavy metal music on bass and lead vocals since the age of fifteen. When his last rock band broke up, he started making jokes up about it on stage. He landed his first paid acting gig on an episode of Boardwalk Empire.
 He was  one of the captains of his state championship winning high school football team. Being a part of a whole that was relentlessly determined to reach the same goal was the most powerful lesson he has ever discovered in his life. Browsing through this website you will find various reels, resumes, comedy sketches, live performances, blogs, football radio demos, voice overs, and original music.
AlanSquats@gmail.com for bookings.


Broadcast Journalism Resume Link: https://db.tt/DxZvSnkt



Thankful for having read Rich Eisen’s book, “Total Access.” Thank you Tommy Rullis and Big Blue United.

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Teaching Resume Link: https://db.tt/DxZvSnkt

B.S. in Physical Education and Health with a Dual Teaching Certificate in Public Schools (K-12)


MSU Degree

Teaching Certificate 2


Captain of State Championship High School Winning Football Team: The West Essex Knights. Yes, tis my vintage Al Bundy pic.

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Top Writer for Sportsblog.com

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Mastering the Art of Fantasy Football.

"I hope your year in fantasy football was as good as mine! Smoke 'em if you got 'em." - ProBowlPix
” Smoke ’em if you got ’em!” – ProBowlPix


Alan Squats FF Champ


My favorite letter of recommendation.

Michael's Letter of R

Level 1 Instructor Certification from the one and only, Martin Rooney! Training for Warriors




Performance Resume Link: https://db.tt/LUhstWfj

Alan Singing at Nicks Wedding


The Scarlet Scourge – Vents Magazine EP Review of my band’s music.

The Scarlet Scourge Accolade

This is a picture taken of me for short film, “Let’s Get Married.” Directed by Raquel Sims