Bill Belichick the G.O.A.T.

So what if Bill Belichick was accused of hiring someone to illegally videotape defensive calling signals from a Jets practice in 2007, he eventually paid the price ($500,000). The Patriots also had to cough up an additional $250,000 and forfeit their first round pick in the 2008 draft. This of course, was an excuse for any non-Patriots fan to hate on Belichick and his 3 Super Bowl rings (not including Super Bowls XXI & XXV as a defensive coordinator). What is strange to me is the fact that his contract with the Patriots was extended shortly after the Spygate incident. He was also awarded the 2007 NFL Coach of the Year Award by the Associated Press. Did I forget to mention Bill Belichick’s defensive game plan for Super Bowl XXV is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Don’t be foolish guy! Instead of being deemed cheater, I think it’s safer to say Bill Belichick is one of the best coaches of all time, and his reign isn’t over yet.

In recent news, the Patriots traded for Albert Haynesworth from the Redskins for a 5th round pick in the 2013 draft, a 5th round pick!!!! It’s incredible to see the Redskins lose 41 million dollars on a player who only played 20 games for them. They should have just given him away, but not to the Patriots. How many times do we see this happen? Belichick capitilizes on nabbing top of the line players for dirt cheap every opportunity he gets. He also knows when to get rid of players right before they reach the twilight of their careers. Maybe Haynesworth will be a good fit in Belichick’s defense and can rejuvenate his career as a Patriot, maybe not. Regardless, the Patriots won’t lose much out of the deal. Remember when the Patriots cut future hall of famer Randy Moss from their team last year and still made it to the playoffs? They probably could have used Randy in the playoffs (let’s be serious) but Randy Moss ultimately regretted his decision to open his mouth distastefully to the press, becoming a distraction to the team. Randy wishes he was back with the Patriots, but it’s too late, they have moved on to sign six-time pro bowler Chad Ochocinco to fill the void. Known for his outlandish personality and great route running, Ochocinco was traded for a 2012 fifth round pick and a 2013 6th round pick from the Cincinnati Bengals. This is another genius move. Two phenomenal athletes that are considered cancers of their previous teams by many now be the cure in Foxboro.  I can guarantee you if it’s one team Chad Ochocinco won’t be a distraction on, it’s whatever team Bill Belichick coaches for.

Players like to play for coaches who can teach the game of football and improve their game in the process. Chad will get along just fine. He knows what a privilege it will be to play for the G.O.A.T. and he will not let him down. But what makes Belichick in a league of his own? Pat Kirwin wrote an article on the best coaches in the NFL today (obviously including Belicheck) and described the characteristics that allow them to be so great. Having an eye for talent, fitting talented players into the right scheme, centering a team around great leaders, knowing how to break down film, making half-time adjustments, saving their franchise money for more talent to come in, and avoiding distractions week in and week out. I added a few attributes of my own of course but this is why Belichick is above the typical copycat league. He sets the bar to say the least.

Belichick is so great that people out there are actually comparing Tom Brady to Peyton Manning! Bill Belichick is a defensive minded coach wasn’t Tony Dungy supposed to be a defensive minded guy as well? I don’t want to hear it! When you compare Tom Brady to Peyton Manning you have to welcome Bill Belichick into the discussion, there’s no way around it. Regardless, we will have to save this debate for another day because that’s another story in itself. But for now, here’s looking at you Bill, cheers!

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