Lockout All But Over!

That’s right folks, the terror which threatened our country, and the world, for months has finally passed.  Today, the NFLPA will be voting on what can only be called the document that will save our sanity this fall, the newest Collective Bargaining Agreement, and all signs point to a positive outcome.  Word is that this CBA will last for at least ten years, so the earliest we will get another scare like this year will be 2021, which is a relief (although it still makes me slightly nervous that the possibility is even being thought about so early).

Now, it’s time for business as usual to begin.  However, what normally takes five months will be condensed into a few weeks.  There is going to be a ton of information being rumored and reported, and it will be tough to keep up with all the little bits of fantasy news that will be coming out in the coming weeks.  But that’s why your here isn’t it?

We here at Pre-Snap Read encourage you to favorite us, and check back here very soon for updates on our initial podcast, which will somewhat coincide with the official beginning of the 2011 NFL Offseason.  Also, be sure to check back soon for our complete positional rankings, blogs, fantasy stats and analysis, and information on our weekly features, such as Top Ten Turning Points and our Fan Article of the Week.

We hope to see you back here soon, and frequently.  And most importantly, get ready for some football!

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