Bucket List Rough Draft

Photo Courtesy of BarringtonStoke
Photo Courtesy of BarringtonStoke

Travel the country and not die.
Travel the country and put on my own rock tour.  

Do it again but get paid.
Get attacked by a bear who hasn’t eaten in a while and kill it with a swift kettle bell swing to the chin. #fingers crossed
Fall in love with an un-materialistic woman who has a great smile and a beautiful heart.
Have some silly-ass kids together.
Have amazing sex like a lot with her and role play diff. scenarios.
Write down different role play scenarios and send them to porn directors, free of charge.
Stop watching porn after that.
Eat the bear I killed with kettle bell and feed him or her to the homeless, preferably on Thanksgiving Day.
Get Big ass Freezer to store bear in.
Go Skydiving before having kids or after they leave the nest.

Meet and interview Jonathan Davis 

Meet and interview Barry Sanders
Safely swim along side great white sharks or perhaps just watch someone else on TV do it.
See my Lions win a Super Bowl
Star in a movie like Vanilla Sky or perhaps in a sitcom like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Become interdependent so I can give back to society better than I ever have before.

Teach like my father, entertain like my mother, care like my sister, coach like my brother, inspire like all my greatest influences and heroes; those are things that will never get crossed off this list.

*Today is tomorrow’s old news so keep going.

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