Backstage with Jonathan Davis

Me and JD bright

In 2007, in the midst of  92.3 K-Rock’s foolish identity crisis,  a super cool dude (Peter Hoffman) hired me as an intern for K-Rock’s promotional department. On some days, I’d grab coffee for peeps. On other days, I’d be assigned to interview pedestrians on the streets of New York for air worthy sound bytes. Most of the time, I would just grab coffee for people, however.

Just kidding. After I dropped the title of intern to sidewalk ambassador, I overheard the program director talking to Pete, “We can get Jonathan Davis from KoRn in here for an interview.” Pete was loved the idea, but the PD, formerly from Hot 97’s rap radio station, was  on the fence about it. “Who is JD without KoRn, anyway?” She said. Excited yet apoplectic, I shrugged that silly comment off, and Chris Farley-ed my way into Pete’s office. “I know I shouldn’t ask this, but I am one of KoRn’s biggest fans out there and if there is a way I can meet/interview Mr.Davis, that’d be Omazing. ”

LONG STORY SHORT:  Pete, you’re the man! He hooked me up with two backstage passes to Jonathan Davis’s solo show at Nokia Theater and I brought my friend, Nate with me.

F + Yeah = ____!

Picture not as chill as mine.
Picture not as chill.

Nate, is also a huge KoRn fan.

It is very important to note that Nate’s picture with Jon is not nearly as chill as mine.   ————->

Please see caption.

Also, notice how Jonathan was super happy in the picture taken with me but not so much in this one. LOL.

Anyway, before I met JD, I was getting very excited/nervous.  I had met a super-fly-honey named Karen and she started cracking jokes about it.

As soon as Karen reached in her bag to grab some tissues for me, the man, the myth, the legend, had inconspicuously appeared!

The moment I went to shake Jon’s hand, the batteries from my camera went flying out. Are you surprised? I was like, “NOOOO!” He laughed, picked the batteries up, and placed them back into my camera. “Nice shirt,” he said. I was like…..”True.”

20150425_131335 To my surprise, he wasn’t eight feet tall. He was a regular dude and pretty  easy to talk to. I told him the influence he had on my style as a vocalist  was  profound.  I did want to tell him that if he ever needed an opening  act to  play for him one day, my band would definitely be up for it and  that it wouldn’t be a problem.

Shadowing him around the room as he signed autographs for other fans, I  didn’t let anyone else get much of a word in. I didn’t care; look at the shirt  I was wearing. Plus, my  questions had to be answered.”Would you ever  consider  recording  music again with Ross Robinson?  Will Brian Welch  ever reunite with KoRn? What’s your favorite color?”  He seemed pretty  unsure of the latter question but was open to record again with Ross.  Finally, he  signed my shirt and shook my hand. If you are interested in  purchasing this shirt, please see details below.


For Sale for $15,000. Contact me @ Shirt never washed! You can still smell Jon’s musk on it.


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