Big Blue United: Week 6 Turning Points – Giants @ Bears

Brandon Myers (83) Photo Credit: Mike DiNovo – USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Myers (83)
Photo Credit: Mike DiNovo – USA TODAY Sports

By Alan Squatrito – Big Blue United 10.14.13

For all you die hard Giants fans on here, I’ll refrain from opening this post up with an 0 and 6 knock-knock joke.  I encourage you to endure the pain of an 0-16 record before complaining about the dreadful 2013 season you are having thus far. Before the Giants can rediscover their winning ways this season, they have to embrace resilience.

As easy as it might be to beat the Giants while they’re down, let’s give them some credit for trying to stand up this past TNF.

Positives @ Soldier Field: 

  • Brandon Jacobs didn’t fumble; he also averaged 4.8 yards per carry, a vast improvement over the 2.8 yards he averaged in week 5.
  • The Giants prevented their defense from letting up 30 points, that’s a first on the season!
  • Statistically, the Giants’ offensive line had their best game of the year. Rookie tackle Justin Pugh only let up one hurry in pass protection compared to six in week 5. He’s also showed a drastic improvement in terms of both run-blocking and pass-blocking over the last four weeks and is shaping up to be a quality first round selection.
  • Recently acquired Panthers’ MLB, Jon Beason was a great addition to the Giants-mounting 7 stops and 11 tackles in week six. He hasn’t played a full season since 2010, but perhaps that will change in a GMEN’s uniform.
  • What else? Eh, not much more. The Giants did cut their penalty yards in half from the week prior though, and made a lot less mistakes as a unit.

Now for some turning points…

  • Amateur Hour – On the third play of the game, Bears’ strong side cornerback Isaiah Frey crosses the line of scrimmage undetected and Easy E ends up throwing a ball off his back foot, leading to his first interception of the game. You know better than that Eli! Luckily, that turnover didn’t cost the Giants any points.
  • Spoke to Soon – Woops, Tim Jennings picked off Eli Manning on the very next drive, and the Bears got on the board for six! Eli and Matt Schaub are starting to look identical after that costly interception. Honestly, the blame should be put on Rueben Randle here; he was supposed to run a hitch route but ended up running a go route instead, foolish.
  • Not Another Plax – Rueben Randle almost pulled a Rueben Randle after a 20 yard catch taking the Giants down to the Bears fifteen yard line when he slammed the ball down in frustration without being touched down after slipping. Luckily, the officials ruled Rueben down for “giving himself up” and it was NOT a turning point of the game!
  • Red Zone Mishap – In the second quarter, on 3rd and goal for the Bears, Will Hill was caught out of position attempting to undercut a ten yard pass over the middle. Brandon “Godzilla” Marshall ended up catching the pass behind him for a score.
  • Not Without Hope: The Giants get a chance to upset the Bears on a late drive towards the end of the game, but Brandon Myers botches an unforgivable dropped pass that lead to another Tim Jennings’s interception and another Giants’ loss.

The Bottom Line:
The Giants had three turnovers, the Bears had zero. The Giants didn’t make plays in key situations that could have changed the outcome of the game, the Bears did. Still, the Giants appear as though they are beginning to put it all together, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they finally get their first win in week 7 against the Minnesota Vikings.

Thanks for tuning in peeps, stay classy, those are your turning points for week six.

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