Top Five Fantasy Draft Board Misconceptions


1) Larry Fitzgerald – Larry Fitzgerald’s current ADP is 27; Stevan Ridley’s current ADP is 22, but how? If Bill Belichick uses a running back carousel throughout the course of the season, drafting Ridley ahead of Fitz could harm your fantasy squad.  Fitz is arguably the best wide receiver in the game and unlike last season, the Cardinals have a capable quarterback in Carson Palmer this year. The hiring of Bruce Arians also raises Larry’s stock. On average, Bruce Arian’s NFL offenses have generated 23.5 points a game, that’s eight points better than the 2012 Cardinals (15.6). This is why I believe Larry Fitz makes a great candidate to be a SAFE top 15 pick this season. I’m not mistaken; the common misconception analysts made in placing Fitz in front of Ridley is due in part of the bad taste John Skelton and Kevin Kolb left in our mouths’ last year.

2) Jared Cook – A lot of people don’t know this, but Jared Cook is one of the best tight ends in the NFL. He is an acrobatic 6′ 5” monster, with 4.5 forty speed and a 41 inch vertical. He received a new deal with the St.Louis Rams worth 35.1 million dollars. Besides for being their former coach, the trade still had to be made. Jeff Fisher knew the Titans underutilized Cook’s talents because of their tight end blocking schemes; that’s not going to be the way the Rams utilize Cook in 2013. Don’t be foolish, Cook’s current ADP is 97 and Jason Witten’s is 52; I believe the two should be flip flopped! Regardless, you don’t have to reach for Cook, but take advantage of his ADP and turn him into one of the steal’s of your draft!

3) DeSean Jackson –Before the season even began, Jeremy Maclin landed on the NFL Hit List with an ACL injury. Tough break Jeremy, but still, that doesn’t mean DeSean Jackson’s ADP should have to suffer because of it. Actually, he should get a boost. Action Jackon’s ADP in most drafts is currently 67. With elusive ability and a 4.3 speed, he is going to find his way in space and behind defenses all season long.   If Vick stays healthy, and that’s one big if, Jackson’s current ADP of 67 will become a popular topic amongst fantasy football nerds at the end of the season.

4) Russell Wilson – The kid is going to be great, there’s no doubt about that; and if you have a man crush on him, fine, pick him at his projected ADP-60th. Don’t get it confused: his value last year as a Mr.Irrelevant pick was a lot more valuable than his value heading into 2013. I’m not quite sure why he is ranked higher than Tony Romo, Michael Vick, Eli Manning, and Matthew Stafford on’s rankings. As you all know, I conceive Michael Fabiano and his commonly mistaken entourage to be quite foolish, but then again, I enjoy being in fantasy drafts where owners draft accordingly to their rankings. Don’t be surprised if Wilson isn’t the most consistent fantasy quarterback this season. Coach Carol tends to base his team’s offense around their defensive play and run game, because they can.

5) RGIII – Just because Adrian Peterson recovered from an ACL and MCL tear in a nine month time frame, it doesn’t mean RGIII will recover similarly so. I apprehend it as silly to place Robert Griffin III ahead of Matty “Ice” Ryan on your fantasy rankings heading into this season; but it’s the general consensus among analysts. RGIII has eye widening athletic ability and at the quarterback position, his value seems limitless, but last season the rookie’s biggest strengths were his biggest weakness. If RGIII stays healthy all season long, he could outperform Matt Ryan, but do you want to take that risk?  Fact: Matt Ryan averaged .4 points more than RGIII did last season. Where’s the logic This is a no brain decision.

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