Trading Places: Kirk Cousins Relieves RGIII in Overtime Win Vs. Ravens

Trading Places Redskins

RGIII and Kirk Cousins (?) combine efforts or just trade places to keep their playoff hopes alive, as the 7-6 Redskins get a win in nail biting fashion to enter the NFC wild card race.

Scoring Drives: The Redskins got on top first after completing an 80 yard drive with RGIII capping it off, buying enough time to find Josh Morgan in the end zone on a 3rd down and goal. Then Joe Flacco mustered an 81 drive together of his own, ending it with a 19 yard strike to Anquan Boldin (which was 2nd touchdown reception on the day) to tie things up in the first quarter. Back and forth we go as Alfred Morris paves the way on the next Redskins drive, closing out an 83 yard drive from 7 yards and goal to go. Morris had 122 yards rushing on 23 attempts on the day.

The second quarter was all Baltimore as Flacco hooked up with Anquan Boldin ( right over Deangelo Hall’s head) from 31 yards out and Dennis Pitta finds the highlight reel with a 14 yard score to bring the Ravens up 21-14.

In the third quarter, the Redskins rekindle the grind as Kai Forbath puts up 3 points on a 48 yard field goal to close the margin to 4 points, but it’s a clutch interception made by 17 year veteran, London Fletcher that ends a Joe Cool drive in the Redskins red zone and changes the momentum back in the Redskins’ favor. Kai Forbath’s name is called again as he hits his second field goal from 49 yards out for the Redkins and helps close the gap to just 1, as the Ravens lead 21-20 entering the fourth quarter!

After three quarters of play, fantasy owners of Ray Rice can finally feel some relief as Rice finally gets into the endzone after an eight play, 62 yard drive: Rice waits patiently from 7 yards out and shoots up the weak side a gap for a score as time ticks down in the fourth quarter. Ray Rice went for 121 yards rushing on 20 attempts with 3 receptions for 15 yards. Up 28-20, the Ravens cause the Redskins to fumble the ensuing kickoff return, but the Ravens jumble the football recovery out of bounds and it remains Redskins ball! RGIII and the Redskins are left with 2 minutes left in the game to mount a drive together, along with a two point conversion to tie things up to bring into overtime, and that is exactly what happens! However, it’s Kirk Cousins that gets the job done and not RGIII! Robert Griffin sprains his right knee but continues to stay on the field until it is too much to bear inside the Raven’s red zone.  Backup quarterback Kirk Cousins enters the game to relieve RGIII after he gets called for an intentional grounding, which pushes the Redskins right back, out of the Ravens’ red zone. No matter, to everyone’s surprise, Kirk Cousins borrows Joe Cool’s nick name and leads his team in for a score on a two play drive, hitting Pierre Garcon on an 11 yard touchdown pass, pump faking the Ravens defense, and fitting the ball right over Ravens corner back Chris Johnson as he swats for the ball and misses: the crowd goes wild. It’s not a tie game yet however, on the ensuing play, the Redskins go for the 2 point conversion and it’s a success! Kirk Cousins runs behind the left guard on a designed draw play for the 2 pt. conversion as the Ravens find it difficult to swallow. The Redskins tie the ball game up 28-28 and bring this fantastic battle into overtime!

The Ravens win the toss, elect to receive, but go 3 and out on the opening drive of overtime. Ravens’ punter Sam Koch punts the rock 56 yards but Redskins’ rookie punt returner/7th round pick Richard Crawford, makes a huge play to returns the ball for 64 yards which puts the Redskins in Kai Forbath’s field goal range. Forbath nails a 34 yard field goal to beat the Ravens 31-28 in overtime and that was all she wrote. The Redskins win 4 games in a row while the Ravens (9-4) go on a two game losing streak with the red hot (10-3) Denver Broncos coming into town in week 15.

Ravens’ Fans, Chill Out: What a game to remember! You can’t blame the Ravens’ game plan or effort in the loss @ Fed Ex Field as it was anyone’s game the whole way. You have to give credit to Kirk Cousins, the Redskins coaching staff, and the will of all the players, fighting for one another on each and every snap. The Steelers lost to the Chargers @ Heinz Field in week 14 so the Ravens can breath a sigh of relief in that regard as they are still ahead of the Steelers (7-5) in the AFC North by 2 games.

Side note: Backup quarterbacks are 2-1 against the Ravens this season.

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