“No Excuses, No Explanations!” Ravens Lose @ Home to Third String QB


I thought a quote by Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin would be fitting for the title of this article and I, like many other analysts/fans around the world, am shocked that the Ravens suffered their first loss @ home on the season and their first loss @ home in two years for that matter, against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 13.

Now, in the last 8 games these two teams have faced one another, 7 of them have been decided by 3 points. Apparently it doesn’t matter who is behind center for the Pittsburgh Steelers because both teams know one another so well, but the Steelers had the game plan to win it in this one.

Charlie Batch/Phil Simms: I apologize. Plain and simple. Batch led his troops down the field  in the fourth quarter not once, but twice to come out of the game with a win, and against all odds on the road against a 9-2 Ravens team. I laughed at Phil Simms before the game kicked off, criticizing him for predicting that the Steelers would win in week 13, I can’t retract my earlier remarks, I can only eat those words, good job sir.

Where’s the Explanation: I know we said no excuses, no explanations but give me a break!!! Charlie Batch completed 69% of his passes while Joe Flacco completed only 47% of his passing attempts. Batch took care of the football better than Joe “Cool” did this game, turning the ball over once less than Joe did. Batch threw an interception to Ed Reed in the end zone but he recovered the fumble he had initially lost in the game, Joe Cool on the other hand, threw an interception to Steelers’ free safety Ryan Clark but lost the football on a strip sack to James Harrison, along with his nerve. You can’t get that one back Joe. Ray Rice only had 12 carries in this game, but he was averaging 6.5 yards a carry. WHY WOULD YOU STOP FEEDING SUCH A BEAST?

John Harbaugh: “That was a typical Pittsburgh-Baltimore game. It’s amazing how it works out that way.” You sound like a little kid John, get your head out of your ____!!!! You should be ashamed.

Joe Flacco: “I think we missed a couple of opportunities early to really take a hold of this game even more. I thought we could have put up 30 or 40 points today and we didn’t. I think that’s a reflection that we hurt ourselves.” I think we missed a couple of opportunities, we? That is what a bitter loser sounds like, downplaying the fact that you and your team were too confident heading into this game, now the Steelers’ playoff hopes are still alive.

I’m almost ashamed to be writing for the Ravens after such a devastating loss in week 13.   Not one Raven is pointing a finger at themselves, just taking the it is what it is approach. On the flip-side, their is no better way to end your career with a win against the Ravens @ home if you are Charlie Batch, well done sir, you deserve it. The Ravens will try to recoup next week as they take on the Washington Redskins (5-6) in week 14 @ Fed Ex Field.

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